Getting The Facts Before You Speak

Proverbs 18:13, “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.“

The Bible is a precious and unique book. There is no other book we can read that will inform and help us like the Bible. According to 2 Timothy 3:16, every word in this book was written by “inspiration of God.” According to Psalm 12:6-7. every word in the Bible is “preserved” by God. All of this means that the Bible came from God and is kept by God. Since the Bible came from God, it is not limited in the ways that man is limited. God is wisdom, and God is knowledge. Nothing surprises God. Nothing is ever learned that God doesn’t already know about. As the preacher in South Georgia used to say, “The One that wrote this book ain’t got nothing to learn.” I will say Amen to that statement.

Our study verse gives us instruction and wisdom concerning the events of life. Being sinners and suffering from the limitations of the carnal nature, it is so easy for us to jump to a false conclusion concerning events. In recent days, we have witnessed this multiple times. The United States of America has cities that have suffered from civil unrest. Much of this happened before really learning all the facts about a certain situation. Media has not helped, as they seem to be racing trying to be the first one to report so they may increase their ratings. Brothers and sisters in Christ, the Bible gives us the precious information of our study verse for a reason.

Growing up in Georgia, my little brother and I stumbled into our share of trouble. But believe it or not, some of those times were not our fault. Example: my mom and dad had a back porch that stretched the full length of the house. On the porch was a table where we placed the tomatoes from the garden for ripening. If any of those tomatoes began to rot, it was our (my brother and I) job to put them in a bucket and discard them far away from the house. Sometimes in our folly, we would forget our chores, but mama was always looking after her little boys. One particular day, my dad parked his shiny truck in the back yard to wash it. He never moved it and it remained there all the night. That night, instead of taking the bucket of tomatoes far away from the house, my mama threw them in the back yard and unknowingly bombed daddy’s truck with tomatoes. Of course, daddy woke the next morning to find tomatoes on his truck. Who was blamed? My brother and I. BIG trouble folks! Daddy came in the house ready to not spare the rod. He was convinced that my brother and I had been throwing tomatoes at each other and his truck was unintentionally covered with tomatoes because it was parked where we were playing. We stood there in silence because we didn’t know what happened to his truck. Daddy replied with his quick wit, “It it wasn’t you, what happened? A tomato bird roosted on my truck all night?” Mama, knowing what happened, came rushing in and saved her little boys by calming daddy down. Did she tell him what really happened? I don’t know, but she did save me from having a sore backside that evening. And it all happened because my daddy didn’t have all the facts before he reacted.

What I learned? Even my daddy, as much as I respected and loved him, could easily jump to a conclusion without getting all the facts. And so can we. Let us take heed to our study verse. Before we jump to any conclusion, let’s get all the facts and information and save ourselves from saying or doing something that we will be ashamed of later. Amen!

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