Rejoicing and Being Happily Identified

Psalm 20:5, “We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners: the Lord fulfil all thy petitions.”

Very often in life we have experiences which we would like to forget. As I look back on my years on earth, I have had more than a few encounters that I deemed unworthy of any thought or meditation. Perhaps this is unique with me, but I doubt that would be the case. Those times will not end in rejoicing, but sorrow and prayer.

During those experiences, we are often forced to separate ourselves form certain individuals and groups. We are called upon, by the Lord, to live a quiet and peaceable life, but in some cases we are forced to do this from a distance (either physically or socially).

In our study verse we read the words of the Psalmist David. In this verse he declares unto us his rejoicing and desire to be identified with God Who has blessed him abundantly. The Lord heard David when he cried unto Him because of troubles (verse 1); The Lord helped David and strengthened him to face the adversary (verse 2); The Lord granted unto David according to his request (verse 4); and the Lord saved David from the temporal tribulations he was experiencing (verse 5). David would go on to declare “in the name of our God we will set up our banners” (verse 5). David was thankful for the Lord’s rich blessings and had no hesitation in proclaiming to the world his love for God. It’s almost as though David was saying, “The Lord has richly blessed me and I am bold in showing the world that I love God and His truth.”

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, has the Lord blessed you in your times of need? Has the Lord heard your prayers? Has the Lord helped you in your times of need? Has the Lord granted your requests and petitions which you made before His throne in prayer? Has the Lord saved you from the temporal distresses of this life? Truly, truly the Lord has blessed us all the days of our lives. Even in times of trouble, I am able to see the Lord’s rich mercies in the situation not being as terrible as it could be. What are we to do to thank Him? Lift up the banners and show the world, the Lord loves me and I love Him. In doing so, it doesn’t make us more or less a child of His eternal grace. But it does show, while we live in this temporal world, our appreciation to Him Who has done for us what we or any other could not have done. God is good, Amen!

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