Remember This Day

Exodus 13:3, “And Moses said unto the people, Remember this day, in which ye came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage; for by strength of hand the Lord brought you out from this place: there shall no leavened bread be eaten.”

In Exodus chapter 13 we find the children of Israel, who have been in Egypt’s bondage for over 400 years, being delivered by the power of God.  Many days have passed since the Lord made His promise, during which the minds of Israel suffered many days of doubt.  Now the time is come when they would go out of Egypt and begin to make their journey toward the land God promised them.  On this day, when the Lord would manifest His amazing power, strength, love, care and faithfulness, Moses exhorts them to “Remember”, or never forget what you see and experience today.

The reader may ask why?  Why would Moses tell them to “Remember this day”?  Were there not other days in their lives worthy of their thoughts?  Yes, the Lord had already blessed them in many ways, yet on this day what they would see, and experience would be something that would help them for many days to come.  This day would be an “Ebenezer” (1 Samuel 7:12) from which they could draw strength in the future.  When the going would get tough, they could look back on this day and say, “the Lord helped me then, He is able to help me now.”

Brothers and sisters in Christ, how thankful I am for every opportunity I’m given to enter the Lord’s House for worship.  Yet, from time to time, we are given a special opportunity to fellowship with Him.   Those are precious times we need to remember, so when troubles come (and they always do) we can face them in faith, believing in the Lord.  The past few weeks have been especially sweet for me.  Seeing the Lord’s precious children join the Church; feeling the Spirit of the Lord when the congregation meets; and hearing the powerful preaching we heard last Sunday make me so happy.  Part of my daily prayer is for the Lord to help me remember these rich blessings so when the going gets tough, with His precious help, I can keep going.  Amen!

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