The Rose and the Lily

The Song of Solomon 2:1, “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.”

When reading the Bible it is important to pay attention to every word. The words “rose” and “lily” have captured our attention more than a few times in our study verse. The words of Solomon, which are easily ascribed to the Lord, are of much importance in this verse from God’s Holy Word.

The rose, being red in color, tells us of Jesus’ perfect humanity. The name Adam means red man or red earth. The lily, being white, tells us of the Lord’s perfection and holiness. The Lord Jesus Christ is truly the only Holy man, God manifested in perfect humanity.

The rose and its qualities also teaches us about the Lord. The clippings of a rose are often used for the medicinal purpose of cooling burns. When the born again child of grace is laboring diligently to find themselves pleasing to the God that saved them, the Lord is the only One Who can cool the zeal (see Romans chapter four and chapter ten). The rose clippings also hydrate the skin. How many times have you watched a tv commercial about skin hydration and saw rose clippings on the water (because the rose clippings had been used in the product). In this dry and desert world of sin and turmoil, the Lord is the rivers of water to spiritually hydrate the longing soul (Isaiah 32:1-2). The rose is also used for Aromatherapy. The scent of the rose calms and soothes the emotions of those who are troubled. The Lord is the One Who calms our fears and comforts our hearts during times of trouble.

The lily is one of the tallest growing flowers. I cannot help to think about the Lord Who, when we fellowship with Him, will take us to the top of the mountains of spiritual fellowship(Psalm 48:1-2). The lily is also known for its fruitfulness, having up to fifty buds in one lily. The Lord truly is fruitful and will bless us, who separate from the world to spend time with Him, to be fruitful in His service (Galatians 5:22). The lily is also known for its gentle beauty. Oh how the Lord is declared throughout scripture to be gentle, kind and beautiful to the eyes of them who are in distress because of the problems of this present world.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the Lord is truly all the above, and more, for His precious little children. He loves all of His sheep, everyone, and cares for them like no other. In every valley of life, we can depend on Him “the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys.”

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